BF Compiler Part 1 - Parsing

Read Time: 12 minutes

So I thought to myself, what does the world need? Obviously another brainfuck (BF) compiler. In this series I will use F# and FParsec to compile BF source code into MSIL to run in Microsoft’s CLR. Honestly, this isn’t a particularly ground-breaking task, but it serves as a fun opportunity to showcase a popular parsing library. Beyond that, it shows how easy it is for F# to leverage various parts of the .NET ecosystem.

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Linear Regression and F#

Read Time: 8 minutes

Today I look into performing linear regression using F#. The implementations of interest will be the MathNet and Accord.NET libraries. I assume you already know what linear regression is, but in can you need a refresher: Linear Regression. My goal is to provide a simple explanation of how to leverage some existing F# accessible libraries. Once you know some of the basic calling functions, you can go crazy with some of the other options these libraries have to offer.

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Site transition complete

Read Time: 1 minutes

No tech talk today. This is a milestone post. After more hiccups than I’d prefer, the site transition is complete. There has been some minor refactoring with more to follow. Happy prime number new year!