Coding with Color

Read Time: 3 minutes

Code comes in many shapes and sizes. Often this means differing paradigms with text or gui workflow tools, but there are other ways. Enter Evo, a robot that leverages coding in the form of color. I recently had the opportunity to play with one of the little bots. It is intended as an educational toy for kids, and it fits the bill perfectly. More than that, it is an interesting case study in seeing the world differently. Take code beyond text, and into a realm that can easily appeal to kids (young and old).

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The Power of the Forward Pipe

Read Time: 8 minutes

… or Why I <3 the |>

This is a light post, but I wanted to provide some advocacy for the |> (forward pipe). To F# developers, it is a well-known operator. It hardly needs introduction or promotion for heavier use. With that said, it can be underappreciated that F# provides native tooling for easy data processing development models. If F# is the ETL language, then |> is the glue that holds all of the processing components together.

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